Here are a few of my favorite outfits and collections of fashion week. The runway is turning out to be an explosion of sequins, satin and velvet. All appropriate for fall, but with the exception of the perfectly tailored blazer -- velvet should be banned.

A note on velvet: it's extremely difficult to make an attractive piece made of the fabric without the finished product looking like it was stolen from the set of The Princess Bride.

On to the clothes!
Above is one of the first looks from Zac Posen. I've read rumors that he's in financial trouble, but if this outfit is any indicator, his RTW could save the biz.
Although fashion week isn't over just yet, words cannot express how much I loved almost all of Diane Von Furstenberg's line. The patterns were exquisite and fresh -- she didn't dwell on the tired '70s carpet look, and she reinvents floral prints almost every show. In the above look, DVF mixes all of fall's trends (happily excluding the dreaded velvet). Even the runway looks like a pile of fun.

As an added bonus, most of fashion's current Top Models walked in the show and looked fabulous.
Let us observe the the collection from Victoria Beckham, who is arguably the best celebrity designer. I think it was who said that her line of "body-con" dresses has evolved and now embraces draping, while maintaining the beautiful silhouettes and tailoring of her previous collections. The most fabulous thing about this look though, are the glasses.

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