Check out the back to school spread on Belles and Rebelles. These back-to-school frocks make me miss the days of DSHA, though I looked about an eighth as cool as these chicks do. It wasn't easy to style a navy, gray and burgundy wool skirt with matching polos, but some Dashers tried their damndest. Or not at all. I alternated between the poles.

I imagine current Dashers look much more fab now that textured tights and bedazzled flats are both hot and accessible. I'm a big fan of the boots and cargo jackets in the final two photos, as those staples would look superb on the job hunt battlefield.


08/18/2010 9:25am

Meant to comment on this post, but wrote it under the "Future Claw Magazine" post! Oopsies! But I do love this look book tons! Thanks for the re-post! Spread this amazing book around!



11/02/2010 1:20am

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