Unlike this coat, which is very special, the fur that traipses through Manhattan has lost all fashionable favor for me. When I first caught a glimpse of some delicious fox fur in the early days of fall, I thought - ah, behold! New York extravagence with a cuddly cherry on top!

But now it's nearly January, and I've seen enough. Indeed, is fur so luxuriously special when everyone is wearing it? Whether it's real  makes no difference - the mass-market knockoffs look fantastic. But frankly I'm over the skinny pants, ENORMOUS fur vest/jacket and long disheleved hair look (a look, by the way, I think we can all agree Rachel Zoe had a large part in creating--and, my dear fashionable friends, how much do we want to emulate the sartorial choices of an E! celebrity?). Paired with basically any boot and celebrity-sized sunglasses, this look has become the pea coat of yesteryear. I said it. I'm over it. And I'd like to see it changed.

Specifically, bring back the a-lines! These leather Louis Vuitton lovelies haven't received enough fan-fare and I'm simply baffled as to why. They provide warmth and a touch of retro luxury that is both functional and fashionable. Paired with blouse and sweater, and topped with an a-line wool coat, this look is just made for this season's Oxford-remixes (see below).  
So, let us refrain from mimmicking wooly mammoths any longer and rejoice in the feminine shapes of the '50s. I believe it is possible to emphasize our womanly deliciousness without looking like Project Runway's Kensie (Kendlay? Findley? Kendall?), and during the winter months when most humans resemble lumpy marshmallows bundled in goose down and fleece.
Thieme Publishers
I'll be posting some of the materials I've created since I've been at Thieme and they will be stored under the porfolio tab. We're talking catalogs, foldouts, flyers and press releases so prepare your eyes for permanent captivation.

What was that? You said you love medical textbooks? Well, Merry Christmas because this year Santa made all your dreams come true.
Happy Sunday!

If you're in the market for life advice today, I'm in the mood to dish it. Lucky, lucky you. Today's topic: Sunday reading. I usually reserve Sundays for 'comfort reads.' For instance, if my roommate is forcing me to read advance copies of YA novels, I reserve that magic for Sundays. I prefer something light, or something I've already read because this is my mental break before Joyful Mondays.

So today I give you the gift of Virginia Woolf's short stories. "The Legacy" is probably my favorite short story, and if I was a screenplay writer, I would attempt to adapt this (in the event that a screenplay writer takes this bit of life advice and profits from it, just remember, the internet and this advice is forever).

Enjoy! And don't she shy about telling me what you think! Let's have an explicating party that you organize!
I have a hankering for an Irish novel. Any suggestions? Does this even count as a blog post? Is this really a distraction post to take your precious minds off the fact that I'm too lazy to post NYFW videos and photos?

Also, New Yorkers, can you recommend any fiction writing classes?

And finally, read my uncle's book. It ranked in the top 100,000 on Amazon and contains thoughtful prose and our family's trademarked rich humor. Surely now you understand why he is one of my only readers.
I got a job, I went to fashion week, I read some Franzen.

Pictures and video to come.
Check out the back to school spread on Belles and Rebelles. These back-to-school frocks make me miss the days of DSHA, though I looked about an eighth as cool as these chicks do. It wasn't easy to style a navy, gray and burgundy wool skirt with matching polos, but some Dashers tried their damndest. Or not at all. I alternated between the poles.

I imagine current Dashers look much more fab now that textured tights and bedazzled flats are both hot and accessible. I'm a big fan of the boots and cargo jackets in the final two photos, as those staples would look superb on the job hunt battlefield.
Yes, Ethan Hawke is leading the pack as a co-Chair of the YLC.
I'm officially declaring a new life goal -- a habit I've begun to create incentives for myself to keep lurching along on this bloody job hunt. Some goals are material, like this J. Crew bag or this couch (donations also welcome), but others are not. Membership to the New York Public Libraries' Young Lions club costs $350 and, to me, is worth every penny. According to its website, membership includes:

  • Join prominent young writers, artists, and intellectuals for drinks and debate at Young Lions Forums
  • Invitation to the Young Lion's Fiction Award ceremony
  • Private, after-hours, behind-the-scenes tours with curators of the Library's collections
  • Preview screenings of films with Q&As
  • Invitations to lectures and tours presented by the Library's Friends Program
  • Invitations to VIP exhibition openings
  • 10% discount at The Library Shop
  • 40% savings on LIVE from the NYPL tickets, and waived service fees on those tickets
Rawr. I'd become a member for the discussion sessions alone. Well then, dear friends, let this be your formal reminder that my birthday is in a few short months.
The perfect pair of autumn boots are like unicorns. They're rarely seen, but always desired. Indeed there's something mystical about a boot that elongates without suffocating your calves, and can withstand a dose of the seasonal elements. So, take a look below at some of this season's offerings; you just may find your own magical glittery creature among the bunch.

I've included all heights and styles because, quite obviously, every sensible woman needs more than one. In multiple colors. Enjoy!

Ed note: I'm working on the captions so bear with me as I add the links. I live a busy life, people.