During Newsy's class component, we were lucky to have Bryan Rahn speak to us about optimizing Newsy's content for search and our own. During the lecture, I asked how to optimize my portfolio site because it was ranking low on the organic search results (mostly because I'd commented on many articles on popular news sites). Bryan gave me a few pointers in class and then followed up with an email offering more help.

Bryan personally went into my site and made some changes only the most observant (or SEO-conscious) readers would have noticed. First, he updated what appears on top of the browser "Claire Hanan: Journalist, Mizzou alum, etc.." He also put my name more prominently on the site where Google's crawlers would read it as text as opposed to an image, which only registers the fact that i'ts an image, not the text within it. One of the best ways to optimize any site for search is to increase the amount to which it's linked from other sites. Bryan kindly linked to mine from his site, as Emily Shannon has done as well. My Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts all help with this, too.

So, thanks to Bryan's help, my site is currently first when "claire hanan" is searched, and second when searched without quotation marks. Thanks again, Bryan!

Check out Bryan's site here.
10/15/2010 06:47:11 pm

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