The June issue of Esquire had a feature titled "Men Aging Well" that was just one of those articles that makes you want to cut out and send to someone. "Refrigerator journalism" is the correct term, I think. Anyway, this article was illustrated beautifully in the print version and turned into a slideshow for the web, and was ultimately something I wanted some impressionable young lad to read. Like my brother. So instead of mailing it to him (postage is expensive, you understand), I'm dedicating this post to my brother, Kyle.

The article includes what Esquire's man should drink, read, do and watch at every age. It's clever and entertaining, but mostly it makes me wish that I could send it to all the men in my life. So to my peers: it's time to crank the Dylan; to my brother: congrats on already owning a fabulous suit; and to my dear Dad: I think you're a great example for the younger set...And, it's time to start listening to the music Kyle and I put on your iTunes.

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