Hello, kind readers.

Here's an update on the wonderful world of prototype magazines for Meredith:

We're looking at a final product composed of a little more than 50 pages, about one fifth of which will be ads. We're currently working on our first drafts of editorial -- each team member is in charge of a department and must contribute to or write a feature. My department is Sips, and in it I'll feature recipes for drinks with floral ingredients. For example, my favorite is a lavender and mint hot chocolate recipe. You'd drink it, wouldn't you? I would. Everyday. 

Our team of designers, Breanna, Julie and Laura, are busily working on templates for the departments, and the publishing team could not be more excited about their work. 

What we're still working on:

-A more complete media kit.
-List of potential advertisers.
-Editorial copy.
-Images -- some of which we'll shoot ourselves, others will be pulled from Meredith's stock images (thanks, Meredith!).
-A prospectus. 

Check back for more updates on the capstone project, and quite obviously, you'll all get to see the final product (in pdf format.)

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