As my capstone project lurches forward, I thought I'd update my fan club on our progress. Together with the editors at Meredith Corporation, and Professor Fennell, we've decided the focus of our magazine will be brunch. Yes, that meal you might have once a month, or once a year. We're going to give you a reason to have brunch every weekend. Here are a few:

1. Cocktails before 5 p.m.
2. In some cases, pajamas are allowed.
3. While dishes are both sweet and savory, they can be healthy and substantial.
4. It's an implied group event (read: fun).
5. It's more fun than your cardboard cereal, but less hassle than a formal holiday meal.

Have I convinced you? Are you too busy to answer that because you've just ran to your favorite restaurant to order the morning prix fixe menu? If not, I'll just have to let the final prototype do its job.
2/11/2010 03:41:50 am

I agree, brunches should happen more often, usually very fun events


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