At my first day of working at Newsy.com, I spent a couple of hours promoting the story "Bernanke's future in question" . While switching from news site to blog, leaving comments on related articles and linking back to Newsy, I had probably logged into or registered to about 15 different sites. That's 15 more passwords and user names I'd need to cram into my brain's manila folders.

On one site, I noticed the registration portion was labeled "Disqus," but thought nothing of it. As usual, I set up a user name, a password, entered an e-mail address and moseyed on. Then the miracle happened. After commenting on the site, I went on to the next news site, read a Bernanke story and began to mentally form my comment. When I went to register with this second site (maybe Huffington Post?), I realized I'd been given a very special gift from the Internet gods.

I was already logged in.

Disqus is some sort of magical internet contraption that saves one password and one user name, so that you don't have to log on/register/fill out a questionnaire about your favorite 40 types of news. Instead, you register once with Disqus, and that registration is saved on every news site that uses the service. Disqus for the win, and for simplifying the Internets one password at a time.

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