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Emily, Nicole, and Ashley.

All three are friends of mine who have trampled down the doors of the digital world, merely by doing something they love. It just so happens that they're all doing it incredibly well.

Emily, as the faithful know, was my editor at Mizzou's Greek Chronicle. Upon graduation, she took her talents to Minneapolis where she now works in marketing. Her site, Pretty and Poor, is a rolling commentary on her favorite steals, heels, and the occasional "all my single ladies" piece. The site is fun, cleanly designed and effective. She gets readers, guest bloggers, and advertising dollars. The site and its corresponding Twitter feed are definitely a testament to her marketing skills.

Entreprenurialism runs in the family, as Ashley and Nicole have successfully branded themselves around their interests. Nicole's site, Ms. Career Girl, is a place for career-minded women who want to get more out of their jobs, both current and future. Her advice is practical and unintimidating, and as my college roommates can attest, it's effective. The MsCareerGirl Facebook fan page has nearly 700 fans, and her Twitter feed has over 5,000 followers. Nicole, who works in Chicago's banking industry, is surely a valuable source for young women trying to grasp branding.

Ashley, Nicole's younger sister (and one of my college roommates), has turned her passion for makeup into a branding success story. While it's little known outside the YouTubeosphere,  makeup review videos are supremely popular. Sometimes called "product hauls," these videos feature a young woman demonstrating how to apply makeup products and then providing honest criticism. Marketing. Gold.

Ashley's videos fall into this category, though she differentiates herself by offering critiques that are blunt, honest, and and terrifically refreshing. It also helps that she can apply makeup as well as any M.A.C. makeup artist out there, too. This week, her YouTube subscription channel reached over 550 subscribers, and her Twitter account is gaining speed.

Ultimately, these women recognize what it takes to successfully market themselves and their interests: dedication, interaction, and originality. I look to them when I'm writing to you, dear readers, so check out their stuff and let them (and me*) know what you think.

*You've all seemed to have forgotten that this blog has a comments section. Don't be a lurker. Join the fun.
7/13/2010 01:18:23 pm

Wow Claire! How sweet of you :-) I don't consider myself a success story (yet), but I think you make a great point- doing what you love online will always be more effective than doing whats expected, "professional", or predictable. As a young PR professional, I could have started a blog about PR like so many other college students but I thought it was more important to follow my passion. I've found this approach has helped me gain a unique edge in the PR world.

7/13/2010 05:44:18 pm

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7/14/2010 05:13:07 am

Thank you for such kind words! I'm so happy that myself and two other amazingly talented women have provided such inspiration for you! You rock! Thanks again for the amazing post!


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