So this genius decided to take three weekend one-credit classes to ease up her week. While this seemed fine at the time, I didn't consider how much fun I would have spending 12 hours learning software I already know how to use. So, dear readers, I give you a spread I made in about ten minutes. I had March's Harper's Bazaar next to me so it kind of served as inspiration. Plus, I had to catch up on NYMag's coverage of London's fashion week, hence the runway shot.

All of the pieces in this spread are heavy in texture and detailing. Black with sparkle was the predominant theme, and I think this will continue to be a trend for many Fall seasons to come.

One trend that I hope will never die is the ballerina-theme, most often seen in  chiffon tops, rosette purses, and simple flats. The beloved Spring contrast between the baby-girl pink and military couture is equally interesting and complements basically every skin tone.

So, although this post began about my InDesign class, this is essentially what I thought about all day. In my mind, these are the real lessons.

Update: Today we made books.

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