Happy Sunday!

If you're in the market for life advice today, I'm in the mood to dish it. Lucky, lucky you. Today's topic: Sunday reading. I usually reserve Sundays for 'comfort reads.' For instance, if my roommate is forcing me to read advance copies of YA novels, I reserve that magic for Sundays. I prefer something light, or something I've already read because this is my mental break before Joyful Mondays.

So today I give you the gift of Virginia Woolf's short stories. "The Legacy" is probably my favorite short story, and if I was a screenplay writer, I would attempt to adapt this (in the event that a screenplay writer takes this bit of life advice and profits from it, just remember, the internet and this advice is forever).

Enjoy! And don't she shy about telling me what you think! Let's have an explicating party that you organize!
12/19/2010 08:33:32 am

What are YA novels?

12/19/2010 12:31:51 pm

Young adult.

12/21/2010 05:29:23 am

It's a really good story, but for some reason it doesn't feel like Virginia Woolf. I also don't trust the narrator...his conclusion seems too easy!

12/22/2010 01:11:59 am

Aaron - I'm glad you like it, and you're right, it feels like Woolf stepped out of her own box for this one. As easy as the conclusion seems, it's perfectly reasonable and doesn't diminish the terrible impact of the husband's realization.


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