I have a hankering for an Irish novel. Any suggestions? Does this even count as a blog post? Is this really a distraction post to take your precious minds off the fact that I'm too lazy to post NYFW videos and photos?

Also, New Yorkers, can you recommend any fiction writing classes?

And finally, read my uncle's book. It ranked in the top 100,000 on Amazon and contains thoughtful prose and our family's trademarked rich humor. Surely now you understand why he is one of my only readers.
Paul Schlup
11/27/2010 03:26:46 pm

Hey you are in NYC, was just their two weeks ago, our son lives their, I love biking the streets of NYC. Saw your site when I googled my name. Glad you are enjoying the City, I enjoyed your site.

4/24/2012 02:18:12 pm

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7/16/2012 08:07:14 am

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