So, yesterday Shut-Eye went before a panel of judges from Esquire.com, Popular Science, and InStyle. I nervously presented part of our web plan, which included strategies for apps, site navigation, SEO, social media, and video (check out Shut-Eye on the Street below).

The judges responded positively, and ultimately we won awards for the best business/ad plan and best design. It was a great learning experience and the feedback we received was invaluable.

Tomorrow the book section of SPI begins, as will the second round of prototype projects. This time around I'm the director of publicity for our book launch, a position for which I'm very excited and very unprepared. It's a great thing the 'ol Missouri Method turned me into a lover of learning on the job.

Disclaimer: I made this video using a friend's digital camera, and iMovie editing software under a time crunch. I'm aware of its marginal quality.

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