I bought this book for three reasons:

1. To better understand the results of this year's World Cup.
2. If we've never met, I like economics.
3. Because the jacket design matches the colors of my blog.

Just kidding about #3, but I will admit that I'm prone to judging teams by their uniforms' styles and colors. Like the Netherlands.

Back to the book. It was an informative and understandable way to digest and make sense of the statistics swirling around the sport. It explained game theory concepts in a matter of pages that had at one time taken me much longer to comprehend. It's writing was succinct, yet the tone was in the voice of your favorite super fan who happens to love sports betting and is incredibly bright.

One commenter, Benjamin, on goodreads.com said it best: "Think of this book less as an illustration of how soccer works, and more as an introduction to what economists actually do, using soccer as a good illustration."

So, now that the next World Cup isn't until 2014, you have plenty of time to read the book -- and to jump on a team's bandwagon so you can create your own statistically-rich arguments!

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