Unlike this coat, which is very special, the fur that traipses through Manhattan has lost all fashionable favor for me. When I first caught a glimpse of some delicious fox fur in the early days of fall, I thought - ah, behold! New York extravagence with a cuddly cherry on top!

But now it's nearly January, and I've seen enough. Indeed, is fur so luxuriously special when everyone is wearing it? Whether it's real  makes no difference - the mass-market knockoffs look fantastic. But frankly I'm over the skinny pants, ENORMOUS fur vest/jacket and long disheleved hair look (a look, by the way, I think we can all agree Rachel Zoe had a large part in creating--and, my dear fashionable friends, how much do we want to emulate the sartorial choices of an E! celebrity?). Paired with basically any boot and celebrity-sized sunglasses, this look has become the pea coat of yesteryear. I said it. I'm over it. And I'd like to see it changed.

Specifically, bring back the a-lines! These leather Louis Vuitton lovelies haven't received enough fan-fare and I'm simply baffled as to why. They provide warmth and a touch of retro luxury that is both functional and fashionable. Paired with blouse and sweater, and topped with an a-line wool coat, this look is just made for this season's Oxford-remixes (see below).  
So, let us refrain from mimmicking wooly mammoths any longer and rejoice in the feminine shapes of the '50s. I believe it is possible to emphasize our womanly deliciousness without looking like Project Runway's Kensie (Kendlay? Findley? Kendall?), and during the winter months when most humans resemble lumpy marshmallows bundled in goose down and fleece.
4/19/2011 11:01:30 pm

i love skirts. love the feminine look it gives.


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