On April 11th, David Simon's newest show "Treme" airs on HBO. Simon, the man behind one of television's greatest shows, "The Wire," is using many of the Wire's actors for his latest show about the recovering New Orleans. The show takes place in neighborhoods surrounding the city's French Quarter and, like the Wire, many of the actors have actually lived out the show's plot. The New York Times Magazine has a great piece on the show, and wonderful corresponding slideshow. I encourage anyone who hasn't started the Wire to do so, or at least read Simon's book, and acquaint yourselves with what will surely be another cinematic success.

Also: The Anatomy of a Scene (interactive)
11/24/2010 01:52:35 pm

Today is giving day, i will be home. lovely 10-11-25 days.

11/25/2010 09:01:20 am

What a nice day!

11/26/2010 09:40:53 am

This is a responsibility of love and protection!

11/29/2010 10:24:32 am

If you say you love your job, but your actions say otherwise, which do you think is more true — your words or your actions?


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