Yes, Ethan Hawke is leading the pack as a co-Chair of the YLC.
I'm officially declaring a new life goal -- a habit I've begun to create incentives for myself to keep lurching along on this bloody job hunt. Some goals are material, like this J. Crew bag or this couch (donations also welcome), but others are not. Membership to the New York Public Libraries' Young Lions club costs $350 and, to me, is worth every penny. According to its website, membership includes:

  • Join prominent young writers, artists, and intellectuals for drinks and debate at Young Lions Forums
  • Invitation to the Young Lion's Fiction Award ceremony
  • Private, after-hours, behind-the-scenes tours with curators of the Library's collections
  • Preview screenings of films with Q&As
  • Invitations to lectures and tours presented by the Library's Friends Program
  • Invitations to VIP exhibition openings
  • 10% discount at The Library Shop
  • 40% savings on LIVE from the NYPL tickets, and waived service fees on those tickets
Rawr. I'd become a member for the discussion sessions alone. Well then, dear friends, let this be your formal reminder that my birthday is in a few short months.
11/23/2010 03:08:08 pm

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