You, faithful luckies, are looking at my new apartment building in New York's Upper East Side neighborhood. We're surrounded by a few bakeries, restaurants, a great place for margaritas (hey, Dad!), and a school. There's a library two blocks away, the train is down the street and around the corner, and Central Park is at the end of the block.

"How exciting!" you say.
I know! We're the lucky ones.
"So, it looks like I'll have a place to stay when I come visit in the city," you say.
Surely. As long as you don't mind sleeping on an air mattress that is crammed between the kitchen sink and our couch.


And so begins the adventure in the best (tiniest) apartment we could find on Manhattan.
Madeline Giangrosso
7/30/2010 01:51:38 pm

Ah! Claire! I am so SO happy for you :)


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