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Yesterday I received my pre-SPI course assignments for the magazine section and it seems as if I've seen these all before. Probably due to my superior capstone course under ex-Milwaukee Magazine editor John Fennell, these assignments will basically lead to another and quite accelerated Better Brunch launch. First assignment? Brainstorm five magazine concepts and prepare mission statements for each. Checkity check. Second, read the MPA's handbook. Thanks to Jen Rowe, that deserves a check as well. I'm awaiting more assignments, many of which will be manuscript editing, and I'm pretty excited to dive into them.

Enclosed with this round of assignments was the itinerary for the magazine section (first three weeks) of the course. Four words: David Granger, Adam Moss. If you love me, dear readers, these names should need no explanation. And as you might assume, I almost cried with excitement when I learned of this.

For the devoted, I plan to blog my way through the course and what might be the best summer yet. You're very welcome. 

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