Even though it's only been two weeks, Shut-Eye is nearly complete. This time around we don't have to produce 100% of the content, which has saved a lot of time and worry, but we do have to plan the first year of issues as if we were. As the editor of Shuteye.com, I've researched our Google AdWords strategy to facilitate SEO, created blog content, mobile app plans and I've helped with the layout of the site (some of which will be up here soon).

While the site will offer much of the same kind of content that the print publication does, the main goal is to build community. In researching our original web strategy, we found that insomnia communities were remarkably common. In them, users discuss sleep remedies, lifestyle tips and some simply don't want to be alone. Shuteye.com strives to replicate this community while offering lists of late-night options, events and entertainment. Some of our blog titles include "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and "I'm dating an insomniac."

Of course we've got our hands in social media so follow us @shuteyemag and visit our facebook page. Let me know if you have any brilliant suggestions, and I'll be sure to consider them briefly.

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